3 Reasons You Should Be Thankful For Your Ex…


I was asked recently, “How do you know you’re over your ex?” and my response was, “You know you’re over them when you’re thankful they entered and exited your life”…  Some of you haven’t reached this place because you’re still upset, bitter, living in the hurt and hiding in the shame of your past relationship…  Each day you wake up your mind is flooded with thoughts of what happen, the things done to you, and how you were made to be a fool…  You find yourself not wanting to get out of bed, crying yourself back to sleep and for some of you, thoughts of how to get even seems very tempting…  Well do you know as long as you hold onto what happened, you will forever be chained to this person?  The longer you refuse to forgive, the longer you will be chained to this person???  Until you see the lessons in the relationship, the longer you will be chained to this person and a relationship that is no more???  Well it’s true and here are “3 Reasons You Should Be Thankful For Your Ex”…

First, they entered your life… Regardless to whether a relationship was great or horrible, there is a lesson in it…  People enter our lives to not only teach us something new about ourselves, but to open our eyes to the differences of others.  Whether you realize it or not, your ex taught you something new about yourself.  They either taught or confirmed the things you like, dislike, love, and hate…  Reassured you of the fact you are capable of having a relationship; helped you to see your hang-ups and because of their entrance, you now know someone other than yourself finds you attractive and appealing…

Secondly, they exited your life… As painful as a breakup sometimes feel, there’s a lesson in the pain…  Because your ex is no longer a part of your life, you now know you can move on…  Maybe they’re the one who broke up with you or forced you out of their lives, but you’re no longer in the relationship, therefore life is carrying on without him/her.  Maybe you’re (Click HERE to read more)


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