Get Them Out Of Your Head…


It took me years to realize the power of the mind…  How thoughts hold the power to either create or sabotage…  How the words we speak are received and believed by our sub consciousness…  How many times we allow the words of others to dictate how we view ourselves…

I can remember when I gave what others thought of me more power than what I believed about myself…  Yeah I used to lose sleep over it… I always wanted to feel accepted, desired, and approved of…  I wanted to be validated, loved, and to fit into places I was never supposed to be…  I allowed their words to change me, their thoughts to control me, and their perceptions of what I should be confuse me…  I was a complete and uttered mess…  I relinquished my power to someone who didn’t have their own ish together and for years I paid for it…  I can even remember being in a particular relationship and was told, “You’ll never find anyone better than me” and I believed it… The relationship was unhealthy, toxic and poisonous…  We both were broken, damaged goods, and seeking completion in the outer opposed to finding It inwardly… Because I hadn’t realized exactly who John Patrick Adams was, I stayed and continued to lay in a pool filled with fear, insecurity, and desperation…

So where am I going with this???  Well some of you reading are wearing the shoes I not too long ago (Click HERE to read more)


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