Be Happy For Once…



Got a few questions for ya… Why is it you’re only happy when there’s drama?  Confusion?  Arguing?  Or if your man/woman is chasing behind you???

Why is it you can’t just be happy with things going well?  Smoothly? Drama free?  No arguing? Effective communicating?

Does arguing make you feel wanted?  Cared for and cared about???  Does it make you feel in control? Shows you they’re at least interested in entertaining you???

Some of you reading are married to, dating, friends with, and kin to people who are only happy when things are going bad….  Sadly to say, some of you are this person as well…. You’re unable able to dwell in peace, so you find something to reap havoc into your life…

Some of you women have men who love you dearly, but that’s not good enough for you….  You want a (Click HERE to read more)


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