When They’ve Asked You To Let Go…


The problem many of you are facing is you’re holding onto a person who has asked you to set them free…  Whether it’s through their actions or words, they’ve asked to be let go of, yet you’re holding on…  Did you know holding onto someone who wants to be free is more painful than letting them go???  That as long as they’re unhappy with you, you’re going to be unhappy with them???  Well it’s true…  Holding on to someone who has either moved on physically, emotionally or mentally is only keeping you chained to unhappiness and misery…

So you ask, “John, how do I let them go?” and that’s a pretty darn good question…  Well first you ask yourself, “Who and what’s more important???”  So many times we confuse love with fear…  Many of you if you were to be completely honest with yourselves, you’ve fallen out of love with him/her…  You no (Click HERE to read more)


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