Have A TRUMPtastic Day!!!


Exactly one week ago today America unknowingly was about to experience the biggest political upset since President George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore…  Now let me put this out here…  Neither Trump nor Clinton has been invited to my home for dinner, neither are my friend, nor do I expect to receive a birthday call from either of them….  So with that said, this post is not “For” or “Against” either Candidate….  I was prepared to continue living my life the same regardless to which candidate won, however for many of you, this isn’t the case…

Some of you are “fearful” of Trump and what he is capable of doing….  So as I’ve watched the news, read numerous articles, and I’ve had countless conversations about this subject, I believe I’ve figured out why so many of you are afraid…   Well, we live in a world where “racial slurs” are laughed at…  Where the word “Nigga”, “Nigger”, “Chink”, “Cracker”, “Wetback”, “Coon”, and so many other slurs are plastered all over individuals newsfeed and pages…  A world where threats of shipping someone back to their (Click HERE to read more)


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