When You Have To Make Excuses For Your Mate…


So last night I was flipping through the channels and came across “What Happens Live” hosted by Andy Cohen…  His guest were Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kenya Moore and comedian Sandra Bernhard…  Now if you’ve seen the sneak preview of this season of RHOA, you know Kenya Moore has a few clips of her dealing with domestic violence… On the show last night Andy ask Kenya if her boyfriend had anger management issues (nice way of putting “Is he abusive?”) and to my surprise, Kenya says “No”…  She goes on to state he’s young, immature (probably the wrong thing to say on National TV), and hasn’t learned how to process, cope, and deal with his feelings and emotions…

Now this is a guy she has alleged kicked in the door of her hotel room, you’ve seen a clip of him vandalizing her property, checking her phone and there is probably more, but she’s too ashamed to put it out there…  Like Kenya, many of you are justifying and making excuses for the abusive, destructive, and unhealthy behaviors of your mate… Maybe he/she hasn’t punched you in your face, but they’ve punched your mental and spiritual being numerous times…  Maybe he/she hasn’t cut you with a knife, but they’ve (Click HERE to read more)


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