One Day You’ll Thank God For This Very Moment…

Some of you are going through some pretty rough times…  Disappointment, confusion, and so many questions as to why this is happening to you… You put in the work, did everything you could do, but you’re feeling abandoned by the very One you’ve placed so much trust in…  You’re embarrassed because you shared your plans and dreams, told others what you were going to do only for them to see it come crumbling down right before your face..  “How did this happen???’,   “How didn’t I see this coming???”, “What did I do wrong???” are all questions flowing through your mind…  You’re ready to give up not only on the path you believed was for your life, but secretly you’re ready to give up on God…  How could He allow this to happen to you???  Where was He when you needed protection from the public shame???  Why didn’t He stop it???

What I know for sure is…  “Hurt” and “Disappointment” are parts of the plan for many of us… Doesn’t mean it makes it easier to go through, but it should remind us greater is on the other end… In every (Click HERE to read more)


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