Some of you are so jealous of Hillary Clinton right about now…  Not only does she have her man announcing he’s with her, but she has many of yours saying, tweeting, and hashtagging it as well….  Beyonce, Oprah, President and First Lady Obama, Jay Z, Bishop T. D. Jakes all the way to many of you reading have made it known  Hillary Rodham Clinton is their/your choice for the next President of the United States of America…    Plastered all of Social Media, bumper stickers and even T-Shirts you will find #ImWithHer…  You can’t scroll down your newsfeed without seeing it…   Turn on your television without seeing it… #ImWithHer was one of the top 10 hashtag last week…  Men all over the USA are shouting #ImWithHer, but how many of you ladies reading could get your man to wear this same shirt, but he’s talking about you???

Some of you are a secret, at least you feel like one…  Your man isn’t married, but nowhere can a trace of you be found…  He says he’s with you, but you (Click HERE to read more)


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