I Give Myself Permission To…


Some of you are so afraid of being hurt, you’re now missing out on love…  In the past, love hasn’t gone so well for you…  You gave your heart to someone who in turn not only broke it in half, but left you feeling as though it could never be mended or repaired…  Never in a million years would you have ever imagined feeling the way you felt…  You loved him/her with every ounce of your existence, trusted without restrictions, and you gave of yourself without limitations…   You loved hard…  You loved unconditionally…  You loved effortlessly…  You loved him/her, but wonder if he/she ever loved you…  So as a result of this you vowed to never feel the pain you felt that horrible day…

He/She hurt you to the core… It hurt because you never thought they would have done you the way in which they did…  There’s a possibility you saw it coming, but then there’s the possibility love blinded you to the truth…  Whatever the case may be, you made up in your mind, “I will never ever love anyone else like this again”..

I’ve learned in life “love” is a gamble…  It’s a feeling that is strengthened by the good, tested by the bad, crushed by the horrible, and blocked by the individual…  So (Click HERE to read more)


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