“Turn Out The Lights”


Growing up I can remember my Mom always saying “Turn out the lights”…   I don’t care if we walked out the room to get a glass of water, she wanted the lights turned off as we exited the room…  Her belief was we were wasting energy which meant we were wasting money that could be used for other things… It’s amazing how I can still hear her yelling from the other room as she watched “All My Children”…  Just like my Mom, I believe there are times in which we should “Turn out the lights” as well, but more than just in our homes…

Many of you are currently in relationships whether it’s platonic or intimate where you need to “Turn out the lights”…  You’re wasting energy on someone who isn’t worth it or investing anything into your life…  Constantly you’re questioning whether or not it’s you overreacting, not being understanding, or if you’re just all up in your feelings…  Many times after dealing with him/her, you’re drained of all your inspiration, power, and energy you could be using to focus on what’s most important, YOU…  You know like your friend that every time you speak with him/her, you walk away either not feeling good about yourself or positive about (Click HERE to read more)


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