You’re Dating Her But She’s Married To You…


Fellas, some of you are dating a woman who is married to you…  She views you as the man she will marry, but currently you see her as the woman you’re dating…  Right now marriage is the furthest thing from your mind…  You’re living life to its fullest; free from restrictions, and watching a biological clock isn’t a concern of yours.  (You know you can wait until later in life to plant a seed… No Rush!!!)  She’s dedicated, committed; a great woman all around, but you’re okay with keeping things the way they are…  If it isn’t broken, why fix it, right???  What the two of you share is great, so why complicate things with the obligations and expectations of marriage, right??? So are you stringing her along???  Do you have intentions of giving her your name???  Or are you just having fun with a woman who is willing to take the ride???

You see “Wifey Potential” in her, but not enough to make her your wife…  You see potential of her being a great mother to your children, but not enough to make her your wife…  You see her natural ability to make you smile and care for you, but not enough to make her your wife…  You know she wants to be married, but you still won’t make her your wife…   So what’s the hold up?  Why won’t you pop the question?  Is it because (Click HERE to read more)


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