6 Epic Fails Of Women…

I love women…  Believe they are extraordinary gifts to the world, able to do anything, and their beauty and strength can’t be compared…  Women are smart, creative and passionate, but when it comes to men, many have been known to fail somewhat miserably… So today I’m going to give you “6 Epic Fails Of A Woman” when it comes to a man…

  • Women judge men based on her past…  So many women are walking around missing out on some great men, but they’re unable to see it…  They’re carrying years of baggage from past relationships, their childhood, or weighed down by insecurities they’ve picked up over the years…  Because time hasn’t been allotted to heal, every man they encounter are measured, critiqued, and criticized based on what has happen before even meeting them…  Many women fail to get to the core of the problem, find out why they constantly attract the same men with different names, and fail to work on being “complete” before entering a relationship.  The only way you can move into a brighter future is by letting go of the dark past…

  • Women judge men based on her father…  It’s funny how you can have one man who has a relationship with two women, yet the two women have two different encounters, beliefs about, and experiences with the man…  So many women want to marry a man like their father, however they only know him as Father not Husband…  Possibly their mother could have a difference of opinion when it comes to the one they call “Dad”…  Mom could possibly hate his guts, believes he sucks in bed, a poor provider, and a boy dressed in man’s clothes…  Women shouldn’t measure any man by what their father has done, however they can hope whatever man they choose will be as great of a dad to their children as theirs was to them…  Many women fail to realize every man is different, should be judge differently, and their relationship with their father is just that, their relationship with their father…  No man should be required to live up to memories or actions of another man…

  • Women judge men based on her “Ex”…  Many of you reading today have a list of things you want in your “Next”…  Sadly to say, this list was subconsciously (Click HERE to read more)


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