The Power Of A Secret…


Some of you are prisoners to a secret…  You’ve allowed the darkness of your actions to enclose you in a room built with walls of fear…  At one point in your life something you did could possibly change the view and perceptions others have of you, so today you’re chained to and have given your power to a secret….  A secret you shouldn’t have told… A secret you’ve buried in the deepest parts of your mind…  A secret of something you shouldn’t have done…  A secret you enjoy privately, but publicly ashamed of…  You’re living in fear of the world finding out and as a result of this, you’re holding yourself back because you fear if your light shine too bright someone will dim it by exposing your secret…

Maybe it’s a secret you’re keeping from your spouse/mate…  A secret in which happened way before the two of you ever met, but you fear if he/she finds out, the relationship is over…  Your secret could be multiple sexual partners individually or multiple all together…  It could be in your past relationship you were an abuser…  You have a child you’ve never claimed, acknowledged, or even taken the time to visit…  It could be the reason you lack a sexual appetite Is because during sex you’re reminded of when you were molested as a young boy or girl…  Whatever your secret is, it has power over you and impacting your relationship…


Maybe your secret is one you don’t want the church to know…  A secret in which happened way before or even still today…  Your secret could be you’re struggling with (Click HERE to read more)


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