Timing Is Everything…


Here recently I’ve been approached with the offer of starting my own Radio Show…  As awesome as this would be, I had to turn it down…   Sure I’m a natural talker, love intriguing conversation, have a strong opinion, know some pretty freaking amazing people who would be awesome guest, but right now isn’t the time for me…  Even though I have hopes of evolving into radio, it’s not time to become the person I know God has destined me to be in the future…

You see I’ve learned timing is everything and if you jump into things before it’s the proper time, things don’t always flow as easily…  It seems like the headaches are greater, the struggle is greater and nothing seems to go right…  I’ve also learned with God’s plan for my life, it includes other people and if I jump in too soon and God hasn’t finished His work in their life for the plan for mine, I could potentially miss meeting the person because they aren’t ready to meet me…  It’s like one of those moments when you meet someone and you think “Wow, where were you when I needed you?”; “Where were you six months ago when I was going through…..?”…  Just as God has to prepare me to receive, He has to prepare the divine connection to give…

Some of you want greater and today you’re frustrated because you haven’t received it…  Maybe it’s a promotion on your job; marriage; planting a church; starting a business…  Maybe it’s something others could consider a small thing like a financial breakthrough; past due bills being paid; being (Click HERE to read more)


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