A Man Likes What He Likes…


One thing I love about being a man is most of us don’t take things quite as personal as women…   You know like most of us don’t get all bent out of shape about our hair, a pimple, or our weight… It is what it is, but unfortunately this isn’t the case for a lot of women…

I’m always blown away when women get upset because a man doesn’t like her or doesn’t like another woman because of their weight… I mean some women get pissed off, call the man shallow and immature…  Some even has the audacity to say he’s cruel and tries to convince him he could be missing out on something great, but is he wrong for what he likes???  Is a man wrong for not liking plus size women???  Is he wrong for liking women with tight buns and not a loose jiggly booty???  All jelly ain’t sweet….

Then maybe you all remember a few weeks ago when I wrote the#NoMakeUp blog…  I mean there were so many women who were ticked off because the topic of wearing makeup was up for discussion…  Sadly to say, there are women who believe men are wrong and even criticize them for wanting a “Natural” woman…  You know a woman with no weave, no lashes, no makeup and no perm…  A woman who is comfortable in her skin to bare her natural beauty and not depend on MAC, Revlon, or Maybeline for the enhancement… In these cases men are considered old fashion, boring, wants a “Plan Jane”, or a woman he can control and manipulate because evidently she’s not into her appearance if her face doesn’t look like a powder donut; her eyes doesn’t look like spiders are crawling out of them, and her hair doesn’t get caught in the car door every now and then from all the extensive extensions…  Is a man wrong for what he likes????  Is a man wrong for not liking “Cake Face” women??? Is he wrong for liking women with bare skin and not covered skin????

Lastly is an older guy wrong for liking younger women????  You know women who has less baggage???  Women who are open to trying new things???  Women who ignite fire in him??? I’m always blown at this one too…  Older women and (Click HERE to read more)


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