“Dreams Cost”…

So last night I checked out the “Surviving Compton” Movie and to my surprise, the movie was better than I’d expected…  I’m not a huge NWA or Michel’le fan, however to go behind the scenes of what many of you knew as the truth, was pretty fascinating…  As I watched, there were two words that stood out over the thousands in the movie… “Dreams cost”…  Throughout the movie there several reenactments of Dr. Dre not only physically abusing her, but verbally as well…  Times in which she should have walked away, but for the sake of bringing her dreams to life; keeping the lifestyle she had become accustomed to, she stayed only to become addicted to pain and sleeping pills, broken bones, bruises, and mental scars she continues to live with today…

Many of you reading today probably could relate to the movie because you’re currently paying the cost for your dreams…  Dreams of being married, so you’re with someone who physically and verbally abuse you…  Someone who cheats, lies, and steals from you…  Someone who lacks respect and possibly even love for you….  But to be married, you’re willing to continue living with the dream of matrimony, but dealing with the reality of a nightmare….

There are those of you who have dreams of success, so you’re giving up and denying time with your (Click HERE to read more)


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