Happiness Is My Crack…


“Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.”

I came across the above quote and I must say it speaks volumes and paints a descriptive picture of who I used to be…  I can remember times I should have walked away, but because of my hope of things getting better, I stayed…  During these times I believe I was the most unhappiest I’ve ever been in my life, but what is happiness???  What is this thing everyone wants, some find, but many are seeking???  Is “happiness” something you achieve and reside in?  Or is it just a temporary feeling driven by what’s happening at the moment???

I’m a Cancer and it has been proven we are some of the most loyal people you will ever meet…  We stick around through difficult times and no matter how much pressure you place on us, many times we continue to carry it until we’re broken in half…  Like many of you I was in relationships in which I felt no happiness, but I continued to look for it…  The lack of trust, lies, words and actions filled my mind, occupied my heart, and replaced the joy of living…  I was miserable, but I continued to look for something in which there wasn’t even an ounce to trace…  I hoped for different, but my actions were the same as before…  I looked for different, but their actions were the same as before…  I prayed for different, but God’s answers were the same as before…  I was on a scavenger hunt looking for something that didn’t exist…

Through these experiences I learned “happiness” is just like Cocaine…  It’s a temporary high we spend the rest our lives trying to feel again…  So exactly what does that mean, right???  Well some of you could be happy at this very moment…  You (Click HERE to read more)


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