I Wish I Could Go Back…

So yesterday I’m minding my business and out of nowhere, Google has to bring up the past…  “Do you remember what you were doing this day 2 years ago?”…  So I click on the link and up comes a collage of pictures from my trip to Tampa 2 years exact from yesterday…  If you remember, I wrote a blog “Lessons Learned On The Beach”…   The picture I’ve used today is from my trip and at first sight my thoughts were, “Man, I wish I could get back to that size”…  It seems as though I was the perfect size, clothes fit well, and I was brave enough to walk on the beach with my shirt off…  But as I continued to think, I remembered I wasn’t happy with my size on that picture…I wanted to be a smaller and to be honest, I’ve never shared this picture until this very moment cause I had my own insecurities about it and also found myself somewhat concerned with “Church Folks” would think about me taking a picture with my shirt off… So where am I going with this you ask…

Well many of you want to go back in time to a place where you felt you were your best… Maybe it was before filing for bankruptcy, marrying the person you now want or have already divorced….  Maybe it was before you resigned from one job to only be fired from the next…  Maybe it was before you were hurt, called a “B.t.h”, outed by a friend, put out of a church…  Maybe it was before the first slap or punch to the face, the loss of someone you loved dearly, or maybe it was before you realized you just made the most terrible mistake…  Maybe it was before you spoke some hurtful words to someone… Whatever the case may be, you want to travel back in time before the life changing experience happened…  Well I’ve learned in order to go back to where you were, you have to lose everything you’ve gained…

In my case, I’ve picked up some size and some extra pounds…  But to go back to where I was I would have to lose all the celebrations of my accomplishments as well as the accomplishments of others which caused me to eat lots of cake….  I would (Click HERE to read more)


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