And That’s Why You Are Single…

Fellas, maybe you can agree with me when I say “Confidence is the sexiest trait a woman can possess”…  You know a woman who is so “confident” in herself when entering a room, her presence commands attention…  A woman who is confident enough to listen to the thoughts of others, but strong enough not to apply them to her life if they go against her beliefs, morals, and dreams…  But sadly to say, sooooo many woman have misconstrued “confidence”…  They’ve confused it so much until what they’re displaying is somewhat a turn off…

So I’m subscribed to a few “Single”/”Dating” Groups on Facebook and throughout the day there are numerous questions asked by both male and female to get the opinions of other members…  Some are pretty darn funny….  There are those that make you ask yourself “Why is she/he even asking this???”…. And then there are those that clearly reveals the thirst, need for attention, and ignorance of the person… Trust me when I say I understand we live in 2016…  A time when women and men are equal…  A time where women are strong, independent and able to articulate their thoughts without injecting their emotions…  A time where “freedom of speech” is confused (Click HERE to read mHERE


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