You’re Still The Same…


Have you ever ran into your “Ex” and later that evening received the ole “Hey, it was good seeing you today!” text message?   Out of courtesy and not wanting to appear bitter, you respond “You too!”… However before you could take your finger off the send button, he/she responds with more chitter chatter attempting to start a conversation????  Now again they’re your “EX”…  The two of you broke up for whatever reason; both of you have moved on with life, so why out of nowhere are they trying to act as though you’re friends???

Trust me when I say I understand how we somethings get caught up in the sensation of the moment???  We find ourselves reminiscing on the great times and what could have been???  But the relationship is over and the last time you checked, it wasn’t because you did something…  But let’s add another twist to the plot, THEY’RE NOW IN A RELATIONSHIP…You could easily fall into the trap of seeking to find out what’s going on or wrong in their relationship….  You could easily fall into the trap of talking with him/her to see if they’re wanting to come back to you…  You could even fall into the trap of sleeping and entertaining him/her to make their “Next” feel like your “Ex” made you feel…  But you could also easily not fall into the trap, end the conversation, and ask him/her to leave you the hell alone…

You see in this situation there’s two things happening simultaneously…  There’s a “revelation of who they are” as well as a “test of who you are” going on at the same time…  They’re testing to see (Click HERE to read more)


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