You Make Me Feel Like A…

Ladies, wouldn’t it be awesome if every time you look at your man your heart smiled because you knew he was thinking “She’s beautiful”???  Wouldn’t it be great if without a word you knew you were the most important thing in his life???  If his actions showed he has your back; you have nothing to worry about; he would protect you in your most frightening moments???  Wouldn’t it just be amazing if your man made you feel like a woman??? Like there would be a void in his life if you were missing???  But sadly to say, many of you are with men who makes you feel like …..

You’re with a man who verbally curse you; mentally abuse you, and physically violates you…  Some of you are with men you fear; men who lack respect for you and men who don’t deserve you…  You’re with men who controls and manipulates; men who can’t see your beauty because they’re blinded by the ugliness of their own souls…

Some of you are with men who hit you, has had the audacity to spit on you, and men who have even gone as far as to threaten to kill you…

Some of you are with men who talks negatively about your weight, looks, and your speech….  You’re with (Click HERE to read more)


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