So You Think You’re “Wifey”/”Hubby Material, Huh???


I find it funny how people consider themselves “Wifey”/”Hubby” material, yet they’re either still classified as girlfriend/boyfriend, currently single, or previously divorced…  In their minds they’re ready for marriage, but does the person they’re dating or have previously dated see them the same???  Does their “Next” or “Ex” see them as someone they would want to spend the rest of their lives with???  So let me ask you this…  Who decides if you’re wifey/hubby material??  Is it you?  Or the person who will have to marry you???

Some of you believe you’re ready for marriage, that you’ll be a great wife/husband, but sadly to say, your partner believes you need a lil bit more work…  They see the potential of a great spouse, but potential means nothing when the bills are due, the children are sick, the house is nasty and when the sex is no longer appetizing…  You’re in a relationship today because of habit, comfort, and the fear of starting all over again and I’m not even talking about you, but the person you’re with…  They’re with you because the sex is great, because you pay the bills, because they’re hoping one day you will live up to what they see in you…  Potential has an expiration date in which many of you have exceeded…  It only gets you so far, at some point potential has to become YOU!!!

It’s amazing how many of you are currently married to or dating someone who is the furthest thing from being marriage material…  The only trait they possess worthy of (Click HERE to read more)


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