To My Future Husband…

Dear Future Husband,

“You are the man I’ve prayed and waited for my entire life…  The man I was created to serve, love, and honor… The man I will allow to lead while I silently follow, never question his decisions, and the man whose dreams, aspirations, and desires will be my main focus.   You are my king, the ruler, and the final word…  A man when sick, I will work until you are physically well…  A man when you are broke, I will work until you are financially well…  A man when you are down, I will work until you are emotionally well…  You are my king, the man I vow to obey and cherish until death do us part…”

Okay, let me stop there because I’m about to throw up…  I came across this the other day while surfing the web and no lie, my stomach turned…  As great of a woman as she had to be, either she must have lived in 1861 or one of the biggest liars ever cause no woman exist in 2016 with these types of characteristics..  “Work until”, “Obey”, “Final Word”…  Get outta here…  Funny thing is most of you women reading this probably was thinking “WTH???  Who wrote this???”  And I agree…  So let me share with you six things I immediately saw wrong with this letter and informed me the woman who wrote this had to be Mary Todd Lincoln…  You know Abraham Lincoln’s wife, yeah good ole Abe…  The one Hillary Clinton lied on according to Donald Trump…

So here we go…  How I know for sure a 2016 Woman didn’t write this…

  • “Prayed” would have been spelled “Preyed”…  A lot of women don’t even pray until they’re in a bind, but they will “Prey” ON, Not “Pray For” a man 7 days a week… it’s sad but true, Dating & Marriage has become the number one priority for many women until they’re now making men feel as though their nothing but a piece of meat…  Many women have become hunters and they don’t care who they stumble over to get their prey…  SMH…

  • “Waited”???  Really???  So we’re not (Click HERE to read more)


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