You Haven’t Earned My Name…

So I have this buddy who completely adores his girl against all odds…  Both family and friends have encouraged him to leave her alone, but he loves her so much he continues to give her chance after chance…  Even through all of the emotional roller coaster she places him on, the drama she brings into his life and even through all of the times she’s publicly embarrassed him on Social Media, in his heart he hopes she would one day get it together…

He’s invested in her, sees the potential of what could be and because she’s an amazing mother, he’s hopes they can eventually become a big ole happy family…  She wants to be married and he wants to marry her, BUTTTTT she hasn’t earned his name…  Yeah I said it, SHE HASN’T EARNED HIS NAME (Did you hear me this time???)…  So I know you’re probably cursing me out right about now, but those of you women who so desperately want to be married, are you worthy of wearing a man’s name???  Are you worthy of being called “Mrs. Doe”???  Or will your man continue to get the benefits of a wife and later drop you like a Girlfriend???

Many of you reading this post today are giving your boyfriends the benefits of a wife and you don’t even have a ring…  You’re going far and beyond the call of duty, but you’re frustrated because he hasn’t popped the question…  Well let me ask you this Wifey…  Is what (Click HERE to read more)


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