Should I Call Him Or Wait For Him To Call Me???


Okay, I think we’ve all played the whole “Waiting Game”…  You know after you’ve gone on a wonderful date, you’re into them, but you don’t want to come off as desperate, thirsty or psycho, so you wait around hoping they’re going to eventually call…   Maybe it’s just me, but who don’t have time to be waiting around is ME…  You see I’ve reached a point in my life where I go for what I want…  I don’t think twice about it and if things don’t turn out how I want them to, I deal with the consequences and move on…  I’ve learned over the years how others receive and perceive what I give has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with them…  Let me be clear also about a man calling…   “Thirst” isn’t a gender thing…  There are some thirsty men out there as well, just like there are some dogmatic acting women.  So if I choose to call the next day does this make me look “thirsty”???  It could base on what I say during the conversation and also based on whether the one I’m calling wants to be chased or if they’re truly into me…

So ladies, why do you wait around?  Is it because you’re worried about appearing “hungry”?  Is it because you’re a “Traditional Woman” and you believe a man should make the first move???  Well here’s a news flash for you “traditional” women…  “Traditional Women” are EXTINCT…  Yeah I said it, EXTINCT…  You see a “Traditional Woman” wouldn’t (Click HERE to read more)


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