Women And Their Makeup…


I’m always down for learning something new and boy did I learn something this past Friday…  If you ever want to see the ugly in a woman, talk about her wearing makeup…

Most people know I make it my business to stay out of the business of others…  I’m not concerned with what goes on behind the doors of others, nor am I concerned with who they’ve been with or where they’ve been, but this wasn’t the case with some women this past Friday…  Last I checked, Alicia Keys hasn’t paid one bill in my house, hasn’t deposited none of her royalty checks in my bank account, nor has she ever asked me to write a song for one of her CD’s, so who’s not concerned with what happens behind her closed doors, concerned with who she’s been with and where she’s been is ME, but this wasn’t the case for some of the women…

Now the whole #NoMakeUp stance Alicia Keys is making I believe is remarkable…  In my research, I never saw where she asked women to join her, do what she was doing, nor did she say she’s the face for women…  Based on her experiences she believes women are stereotyped and treated differently if they don’t quite measure up to the standards of the world…   So her decision to remove the makeup was her making a stand against the treatment of women…  Honestly, I thought women in whole would commend her for doing this, but not the case…  You see these women pack on makeup physically and after reading some of their comments, their souls look like a powdered donut from all the makeup (facades, mask, etc.) they’re packing on to cover up insecurities, jealousy, low self-esteem, etc…

There were several comments, pictures being posted, and there were even some women who called Alicia Keys out of her name…  Sadly to say, these women only revealed their ignorance, covered wounds, and unhealed bruises because my “#NoMakeUp” post had nothing to do with physical makeup, but (Click HERE to read more)


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