7 Questions To Ask Yourself Daily…


Let’s get to it…

Here are 7 questions I believe we should ask ourselves each morning before getting our day started…

  • Are you ready for the day???  What I know for sure is…  Each day is filled with limitless possibilities, however most times we aren’t prepared nor do we position ourselves to receive everything in stored for us…  We leave home without a plan of action, sense of direction, and a clear vision of all that we want…  If you want your dreams and blessings, you have to be ready to go after and grab them…  God will open up a window and pour out a blessing, but you have to position and prepare yourself to catch them as they’re falling from heaven…

  • Are you over yesterday???  What I know for sure is…  Yesterday is a moment in which you can never have again…  So many times we go to bed stressed, therefore we wake up stressed. We carry our problems from one day to the next…  Whether your day ended successfully or horribly, you can’t bring the success or failure into the next…  Each day you’re faced with accomplishing more, achieving even greater, so don’t become comfortable or complacent thinking about all you achieved yesterday… The reality is, you have to work even harder to keep it today and work even greater to build upon it…  Yesterday is a part of your past, start today fresh…

  • Are you ready to face the truth???  What I know for sure is…  People are fickle, therefore you never know what you’re going to get each day…  The “truth” that many of us fail to see is you can’t take anything personal…  If people supported you yesterday and don’t support you today, it’s okay, has nothing to do with you…  If people smiled yesterday but cursed (Click HERE to read more)


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