Would You Let Your Child Date Someone Like YOU???

Let’s get straight to it… These days errrrrrbody wants to either be in a relationship, engaged, or married… It doesn’t matter if the situation is happy, healthy or helpful, they just want to be involved…  Some are ready, some aren’t, and the rest of them shouldn’t be in a relationship with anyone but themselves…  So I want to ask you a question, would you let your child date you?  Now I’m not talking about the Facebook and InstaGram “you”, I mean let’s be honest…  You don’t even know that person, so leave “Sasha Fierce”/”R Smelly” out of this… I’m talking about the person you are when no one is watching, listening, and checking…
There’s something about the bond between a father and daughter…  Those fathers who are active in their daughter’s lives tend to be overly protective and only want the best for her, including men…  So fellas, would you allow your daughter to date a version of you?  Not the man you’re becoming, dreaming of becoming, and telling lies and saying you’re becoming, but the man you are at this very moment???  If not, why???  Is it because you haven’t released all the “whore” out of you?  Is it because you want your daughter to date a man who respects, cherish, and knows how to treat a woman???  Is it because you want your daughter to date a man with ambition, drive, and passion??? Is it because you want your daughter to date a man who is spiritually grounded, financially stable, mentally sound???  Well did you know you’re dating another man’s daughter?  Do you believe he would be happy with you dating her???
Now to the ladies… Just like the father-daughter relationship, mothers are very protective of their young kings…  Mothers want their kings with women who without a shadow of doubt know they’re a queen…  Women who are strong, yet submissive…  Women who

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