Why We Entertain, Date, And Marry The Wrong One…

Some of you have a major problem with “forgiveness”…  Your problem isn’t the normal problem most people have which is holding onto hurt, pain and discomfort; feeling the other person is undeserving of their forgiveness, but your problem is you’re holding onto someone you should have let go…  One of the misconceptions of “forgiveness” is once you’ve forgiven, you forget and move on in life as though nothing has ever happen…  Because of this misconception, many of you are either entertaining, dating or married to the wrong one…  You’ve forgiven him/her and as a result of this, you believe “forgiveness” obligates you to stay…

It’s funny how people reveal their true selves in the very beginning, but because he/she have something or possess all the qualities we desire, we overlook what is slapping us in the face, TRUTH…  I’ve been told on numerous occasions “John, you cut people off too quickly and easily…  You should give them a chance…”  This may be true, but one truth I won’t ever find out…  Through my experiences I’ve learned if in the very beginning of getting to know someone if you find yourself constantly forgiving or overlooking behaviors and actions, those aren’t mistakes they’re making, but the truth revealing itself…  People will tell you what you want to hear, but their actions will tell you what you need to know…  Because many of you are allowing or have allowed their words to override their actions, you now find yourself in a situation you can’t easily get out of…

 I’m always blown away when listening to women talk about how their “man”/“husband” repeatedly cheats…  So many times I want to ask them, “Well you knew he (Click HERE to read more)


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