Traffic Jams


Let me ask you this…  What would the world be like if everyone stayed in their own lanes???  You know like focusing on what’s ahead of them opposed to what’s ahead of you???  What would your life be like if others allowed you to just travel through life following the path you’re destined to travel without the constant unsolicited directions and unwanted distractions???  Well, there would probably be less traffic…  Many times traffic jams are caused by someone crossing over into the lane of another driver…  Whether they’re running behind, distracted by their cellphones, experiencing a little road rage or various other reason, he/she crossed over which caused an accident and as a result, there’s a traffic jam…

In life there are people who find it hard to stay in their lane…  They look over at your life and for whatever reason they cross over into yours…  What’s interesting is these people use your life to distract them from their own…  They’re always willing to tell you what you should be, could be and what they would be doing, yet they’re lives, marriages, finances are a complete and uttered mess…  I find it interesting how a woman can give another woman advice about their abusive husband, yet her husband is cheating…  I guess the abusive husband calling her friend a (Click HERE to read more)


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