Some of you are sitting on world changing books, CD’s, inventions, radio shows, movie scripts, clothing lines, hairstyles and so many other innovative ideas and concepts, but you’re allowing “others” to hold you back…  Now I’m not exactly sure who “others” are, but whomever they are, right now they’re causing you to keep locked up the very thing the world needs…  You’re afraid “others” won’t like, purchase, listen, or believe what you have to offer…  You’re afraid of what “others” will say…  You’re afraid “others” will hold you hostage to whom you used to be and not who you are today…  Right now you’re allowing “others” to control you, place fear in you and sadly to say, STOP YOU…

Don’t put too much into what “others” are going to think, say, or do… You can’t worry if “others” are going to buy what you’re selling, believing in what you’re saying and for all your ministers and psalmist, you can’t worry whether or not “others” are going to receive you…  Throughout history, “others” have been present in every successful person’s life…  “Others” is the same person who told Steve Jobs (Click HERE to read more)


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