When Family And Friends Don’t Support…


If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they were going to purchase my books, download my music or call me for a spot on their show, I would probably be a multi-millionaire…  I get it all the time and I’m always baffled as to why people feel as though they have to lie…  I can handle hearing, “John, I’m not interested in your book”; “I really don’t like your music”, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit…  For real I can take it…  But for many of you reading, you’re ready to give up all because you’re discouraged…  You’re discouraged because you know you have something great and to make matters even worst, your family and friends are the main ones who aren’t supporting you… You’ve repeatedly seen them reading everyone else’s books, listening to everyone else’s music, posting on their Social Media pages everyone else’s blog’s, etc…  But not one time, do they ever share yours…

It’s amazing how your family and friends run out to purchase Mariah Carey’s whisper and pitchy voice CD, but won’t buy yours… (Mariah fans don’t start none, won’t be none) You’re gifted, passionate and could sing loops around Mariah on your worst day, but because it’s you, they under estimate or downplay your greatness…  Funny how your mom’s has never read your book, but she’s read NeNe Leakes, Eric Jerome Dickey, John Grisholm, O.J. Simpsons, and everyone else’s… You’re her child, mentioned and thanked her in the book, and you even attribute your passion to her, but because it’s you, she under estimate or downplay your greatness… Or how about those of you who are Life Coaches, Radio Show Talk Host, TV Personalities…  You’ve gone to school, received your certification/degree, yet no one listens or takes your advice seriously…  It’s funny how you and Steve Harvey say the exact thing, but because you (Click HERE to read more)


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