Love Plus Love Doesn’t Always Equal Marriage…


So I have this buddy who’s currently single (Divorced), but he’s never been in love… I know you’re thinking “how was he married, but wasn’t in love???”  Yeah, same question I asked… Now this guy is one of the smartest people I know, so he always has an answer in which deflects the attention off of him… His response was…”Happens every day, women marry for security all the time”…  Now you can’t argue with this, because it’s true…  Everyday people marry in the name of love, but theLOVE OF WHAT???

So as we continued to chat I asked “Would you marry again if you’re not in love?”  His response “Possibly, love doesn’t earmark it for success… Conventional marriages fail at a higher than 60% rate…  Using that thought process…  People use love as an excuse to make bad decisions…”  Not that I 100% agree with this brother, but he does have a point… Love takes the blame for a lot of the mistakes we make…  Some of you are divorced today because “love” made you marry the wrong man/woman…  Then there are those of you who allowed “love” to use you as a punching bag for an abusive partner…  Let’s not forget those of you who are in debt over your head all because “love” caused you to give (Click HERE to read more)


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