“Single”, But Are You Ready To Mingle???

So you’re single, but are you really ready to get out there and mingle???  You know like dating?  Opening up yourself and allowing someone into your heart?  Are you completely over your “Ex”, ready for a “Next”, or are you “Damage Goods” holding onto a past in which you can’t change?

Many of you reading this post today want to date, but you’re really not ready for it…  Either you’re closed off, guarded, set in your ways; possibly bitter, broken, and bruised, or you’re one of those who are hoping to get over the old by moving fast into something new…  I’m learning more and more each day, “Single” is a word we use to update our social media status, but it doesn’t fit nor should it be used to describe the hearts and minds of many of you reading…

Some of you are “single”, but you’re emotionally and mentally not ready to mingle…  You’re still in love with your “Ex”, holding on to the hurt caused by an “Ex”, hoping for the day you can reunite with your “Ex” and because of these things, you’re “Single”, but not ready for your mingle…  Then there are those of you who have been “Single” for months and possibly even years, but you’re carrying tons of baggage which caused your last relationship to end…  You’re what the world considered “Damage Goods” and the more you date, the more you “damage” “good men/women”.  Unresolved issues have made you “toxic”, but because you’ve failed (Click HERE to read more)


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