We Had A Deal…

I received an email from a reader that was filled with questions about what her next move should be….  Currently she’s in a situation in which the man made it known from day one it would be nothing more than sex….  She states out of the four years she’s been involved with him they’ve never been a couple, never gone out on a date, she’s never met his family or friends, nor has she ever been to his house…  Sex is what he wanted, what she gave, and what the two of them enjoyed.   On the surface it would seem as though he’s possibly married and she’s possibly a fool, but like many of you reading, she’s just a woman who wants a man…  She continues to say “I can’t even be disappointed and point blame at him in this, because since the beginning he has remained constant in everything he said and did.  It was me whose expectations changed.”  It’s funny how “sex” changes everything…  How we believe we’re cool with just “kicking it” and how we feel we can handle a “no strings attached” arrangement.  They had a deal, one in which she thought she could maintain, but now she has desires to change the terms of agreement…

So she asked, “How do you move on from a person, who you still want, but they don’t want you?”  Now on the surface this seems like a no brainer, but when (Click HERE to read more)


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