When The “Wrong One” Is The One You Love…


Love can make us do some crazy stuff…  It has been known to keep us in places far longer than we should stay, and it has also been found guilty of causing us to forgive the one we should probably hate… “Love” has been known to blind us to the flaws of an individual while opening our eyes to their potential…  Because you love him/her, you see their potential, the possibility of who they can become and who the two of you can be together…  As a result of this, you overlook the fact they’re not ready for the person YOU ARE today… You’re holding on to an illusion, a dream, and a prayer of who you believe they are…  Love is so powerful it is causing some of you to miss out on the “right one” because you’re holding onto the “wrong one”…

So who is the “wrong one” you ask???  Well thank you for asking…  The wrong one is the one who’s adding no value to your life…  Unwilling to help you pursue your dreams…  The one who constantly causes drama, unnecessary trouble and every time you speak with him/her, you’re left feeling worse than (Click HERE to read more)


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