If He, Would You…


So I came across a posting on Facebook in which a typical woman had a lot to say about a man and what he should be and isn’t doing…  So ladies, I’m over it and want to ask you a few questions…’

So here we go…

If he made more money than you, would you submit to him???  Let me get this one, hell no you wouldn’t…  Most of you don’t want to submit, nor do you know how to keep your mouths shut…  You complain about everything, nag all the time, and fuss about what he’s not doing, but you wonder why you get left for the woman you call a “Fool”…  It’s not she’s a fool, she just know how to treat YOUR man…

If he paid all the bills (Mortgage, Car payments, utilities, and groceries..), would you allow him to manage your check???  Let me get this one too, hell no you wouldn’t…  Most of you don’t want to share…  You’re selfish, want a man to foot the bill while you go out and purchase clothes that don’t fit, shoes you can barely walk in, and get a hair do you won’t take care of…  Because you made the money, you believe you should spend it how and on what you want to, which pretty much only includes YOU…

If he worked all day, would you cook a hot meal for him to feast on when he gets home; clean the house, and lay him without being asked???  Puhleeze let me get this one, (Click HERE to read more)


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