“The “Side Piece’s” Chronicles…”


Social Media can sometimes be very misleading…  It’s the one place people can paint a picture of a life in which they want the world to see…  Pictures which beautifully portray a life of success and happiness, but there are those who chooses to paint pictures in which hides the truth…  Have you ever checked out someone’s page and by looking at their pictures and postings, you would never guess they were married???  Plastered all over their wall are pictures of him/her hanging out with their boys/girls; pictures showing off their muscles whether it’s topless or in a bikini, or how about the selfies and pictures taken all by themselves…  On the surface there are no traces, clues or indications waiting at home is “Bae”, “Boo”, “Wifey/Hubby”…

So many times the “Side Piece” takes the fall for a crime in which they were completely unaware they were committing…  Hoodwinked into believing the one they were sleeping with, possibly engaged to and sadly to say, possibly living with was clear, free, and able to date…   There were no indications the person was involved, married, or separated….   I know you’re thinking, “They had to know???”; “They should have picked up on the signs…  You know like unable to talk at night, always rushing off the phone, unable to hangout on the weekends….”    Because we live in a world where people text more than they talk…  A world where people travel, temporarily relocate and house in other cities, and a world where it’s not suspicious for a person to receive emails or text messages in the wee hours of the night, it’s easy to fall into the trap (Click HERE to read more)


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