“I’m Not Enough???”


If you’ve ever been cheated on, you can relate when I say, it can mess with your mind if you’re not careful…  Cheating has been known to destroy relationships/marriages, sabotage self-esteem, and crush the egos of many men and women… Depending on the person, determines the damage….

With cheating, I believe there are three sides to this story… You have the cheater’s angle, the side piece angle, and the one who’s being cheated on angle…  I think I’ve talked enough about the man’s side, so today I want to talk about the one who has been cheated on… (Make sure to stay tuned for “The Side Piece’s Chronicles”…)  When you get to the core of the question “Why do men cheat???”, I truly believe the person is asking “Am I not enough???”  When cheated on, most people tend to make the decision of the cheater about them…  They personalize it; create and accept blame for it, and they own it as if they’re the person who committed the crime.     The decisions of a cheater regardless to whether they are male or female has nothing to do with the one being cheated on… It is their choice to step outside of the relationship and regardless to whether or not you’re the best mate ever, he/she can still make the choice to cheat…

I’ve cheated and I’ve been cheated on, so I know from experience how both sides feel…  I also know (Click HERE to read more)


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