Turn Off The Filters…

“Filters” are causing lots of us to waste our time…  I mean it’s like no one looks like their FB or IG pic anymore…  With all the filters that beautifies; selfie’s taken at angles that slims, tucks and hides, you don’t know what the hell you’re getting until you get there…

Here recently a buddy of mine went out on a date with this chic he thought was a dime piece…  Come to find out, she was a “Susan B. Anthony Silver Dollar”, just round…  Before the date he asked her to describe herself and boy did she “Filter” (aka “An F’n lie”) the truth…  According to her description he would see a small waist, semi flat stomach, hips, and a booty that would make you stand up and clap…  Now to her defense, she didn’t lie about her waist…  Because her hips, legs and dat booty was so enormous, her waist had no other choice but to APPEAR small…  So where (Click HERE to read more)


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