Top 7 Things A “Divorcee” Wants A “Single” To Know…

Today I wanted to come at you a little different than normal, so I reached out to a few of my friends who are either divorced or have been married more than once to seek a few words of advice for those of you single’s hoping to be married one day,and those of you who are heading in the direction of marriage (engaged)… After the unanimous “Don’t do it, just kidding” response (Gave them the side eye), each of them overlapped each other’s thoughts…  So today I’ve taken the “Top 7 Things A “Divorcee” Wants A “Single” To Know…” and made it into a blog just for you…

So here we go…

You Inherit Their Family:  Simply put…  You don’t marry just the groom/bride, you marry their family…  Meaning you inherit all the perks of the family, but you also get the drama, generational curses, dependencies, and the dysfunctional behaviors…  When saying “I do”, you’re saying “I do take your family and all the ish that comes with them as mine”.

Know Their Relationship With Their Kids Other Parent:  Many times people aren’t truly honest about their relationship with the mother/father of their children…  Therefore it is important, YOU INVESTIGATE the situation, possibly develop a relationship with the outside parent, as well as know your place in the situation… Saying “I do” means you’re willing to help with Child Support, deal with the possible drama, accept their kid as your own, and support in moments of confusion.

You Inherit Their Debt:  There are two things I believe everyone should see before jumping the broom…  A “Clean Bill Of Health” and a “Credit Report”…  Ain’t nobody got time for their futures to be killed by a STD or debt…  Did you know when getting married, their debt becomes yours???  Well it does.. Saying “I do” means “I do acknowledge you had a life before me and possibly made some bad spending choices.  I do know your bad choices may limit our future choices.  I do take on your debt as mine.”

Know Their Habits:  Now this one was pretty much unanimous… Before getting married you should know spending, living, and mental habits…  Watch how they spend when the two of you are out, pay attention to their conversation about what they choose to buy and how they choose to pay their bills.  Know if they are clean or lazy, and most importantly check their Medicine (Click HERE to read more)


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