“How I Cope With “Age” & “Singleness”…”


So today’s post is for those of you who are in your mid-thirties and older…  If you’re currently single, you’re either widowed, divorced, have been in a long term relationship, seeking love or you’ve completely given up on it…  You’re older, body isn’t what it used to be, mind isn’t as quick as it used to be, and dammit it feels like your best years are far behind you….  You gave the “Best of You” to someone who is no longer a part of your life and what in the hell do you have to show for it???NOTHING…  Just like many of you I struggle at times with being single and then having to add on the whole “Age Factor” only complicates it even more…  In these times I have to check myself because I’m either competing with the “clock”; who I used to be, or those much younger than myself…

One thing I’ve learned to do is embrace my age…  I’m not ashamed of it, have no desires to be younger, nor do I seek to act or appear any younger than what I am…  I’ve accepted the changes over the years and in no way am I seeking to alter what time has given me…  Many of you struggle with being/getting older because you’ve been hoodwinked into believing no one will want someone your age.  Inwardly and secretly, you’re struggling because your body and hair color has changed, patience and tolerance level has decreased, and because you’re set in your ways.  You’ve never told anyone these things, but every morning when you look into the mirror, you tell yourself…

Second thing I’ve learned NOT to do is compete with who I used to be…  Do you ever get pissed at the thought of how you spent months or years with someone when your body and mind were at their best; you were young and to be quite honest, YOU WERE ALL OF THAT???? You often find yourself comparing “who you used to be” to “who you are now”, and it seems like the “now” falls considerably short to “then”…  Ain’t that a b…h!!!  In these moments (Click HERE to read more)


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