“You Gotta Date Em’ First…”

“(girls name) and (boys name) sitting the tree… K.I.S.S.I.N.G…  First came love, then came marriage, then came baby in  a baby carriage.”

I think we’ve all heard the lyrics from the “Kissing Song”…  As kids, it was somewhat embarrassing, but when you really dive into it, there’s a lot of truth that many of you overlook…  Some of you want to jump right into marriage skipping the kissing (getting to know) and falling in love stages…   You’re what I like to call an “Intentional Dater”…  If a person doesn’t meet your qualifications on the surface, you’re unwilling to dive in and get to know them.  As a result of this, you’re frustrated, tired and ready to give up on the whole dating process…   Trust me when I say I understand all of the games and garbage that comes along with dating, but that’s a part of it…  A “date” is designed to get to know people which allows you to weed out those who aren’t fit to be in your life, not as a chance to interview them for marriage.

Here are a few hidden points many of you may have never considered when chanting the above lyrics…  First, in order for them to get up into the tree, they had to climb…  Whether or not he climbed first and pulled her up or allowed her to climb so he could check out what she was working with, they both put in the time and effort…  Climbing is an activity which takes time, energy and a willingness by both parties, which sometimes leads to (Click HERE to read more)


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