How I Cope With “Singleness”…


I’ve accepted I’m a “Relationship Guy”… I’ve done the whole “One Night Stands”, long term sleeping around and I’ve even gone out on a few dates I knew weren’t going anywhere…  Even though I’ve found peace with living a single life, this peace of mind doesn’t exempt me from facing many of the struggles some of you face each and every day…  Every weekend the desires of being in a relationship crosses my mind…  There are times in which I’m faced with allowing being single to keep me from doing the things a couple would do….  I even have moments where I question whether or not I’m too picky… But in these moments I remind myself of where I’ve been, who I am, and where I’m going…

 Like many of you I’ve been in some horrible relationships…  I’ve been in situations in which I knew I should have walked away, but I stayed…  I’ve been in situations where the “best of me” fell into the shadows of the “worst of me”…  I’ve been hurt, miserable and have even settled for relationships…  Because of where I’ve been helps me cope in the times I’m faced with “singleness”…  It helps me to see where I am is so much greater than where I was…  It helps me to appreciate the freedom of not waking up thinking “I can’t do this anymore”…  It helps me to see that I settled for less than and it also helps me to see “Who I Am” today…

Because many of you are so desperate for a relationship, you never take time to get to know who you are today…  You jump from one relationship to another (Afraid of being alone… Been there, done that…) without ever taking inventory (Click HERE to read more)


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