“Marry Me Or Else…”

So the other day I was chatting with a recently single friend of mine…  After four years of being with what she describes as an amazing man in which she shared her time, energy and most importantly her heart, she decided to call it quits…  Over the four years there were arguments, disagreements and disputes, but from what she says, the relationship was awesome…   Those were things any normal relationship would face…  So why did she end the relationship you ask???  Well, she gave him an ultimatum to either marry her or she was walking away, he opened the door and asked her to walk through it…

Three months after the relationship ended, she found herself retracting her words, unfortunately he had moved on…  Now before you go off, he hadn’t moved on to a new relationship, however he had moved on in life.   He felt she mishandled the situation and there was a better way of expressing herself like having a mature conversation without all the drama. However, since she chose the “Big Girl with Panties on” route, he chose to hold her to it…   Both parties thoroughly enjoyed the relationship, complimented each other and it seems like, they had a pretty good thing going…  So what was the problem???  Well she wanted to solidify their relationship with a ring and he either wasn’t ready for that step or wasn’t interested in taking it…

So of course I asked her, “Does he want to be married???”, and to my surprise she responded, “I don’t know”… So my next question was, “Well, did you guys ever have the conversation about marriage and if he wanted to ever be?”, and again (Click HERE to read more)


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