Does “Church + Single = Thirst”???


I’m really beginning to think those of us who are single are headed straight to hell…  Yeah I said it, singles are going to be the meat on the grill in hell because we never jumped the broom, at least in my opinion this is how the church sometimes make singles feel…  Its like “Single” is a disease,“Marriage” is the cure and  if you’re single, something has to be wrong with you because there are so many Godly men and women desperately desiring to be married.  Maybe this is the reason why so many marriages are infected and plagued with infidelity, abuse, immaturity,  and divorce…

I can’t help but smile at all the Christian Thirst while scrolling on InstaGram (Yeah there are some Thirsty and Dehydrated Christians)…   I mean every other picture is a prophecy of how God is going to send the man/woman He has divinely orchestrated for them to meet…  Sometimes I just want to comment and say, “How do you know???  Most of your time is on InstaGram, Tinder, EHarmony, Plenty of Fish and Facebook (not including the Porn Sites), when do you have time to even make your request known and most importantly when do you allow Him to answer???”  But where does all this mentality come from???  Where in the bible does it say everyone is going to be married??  NOWHERE…

As hard as it is for some of you reading to hear what I’m about to say, I have to say it because I want you to live a happy life…  Sadly to say, marriage may not be in the plan for your life…  I know you’ve been attending Singles Ministry (Click HERE to read more)


One thought on “Does “Church + Single = Thirst”???

  1. Does Church + Marriage/Parenthood = fulfillment?
    I think the answer is pretty obvious, neither marriage nor singleness, neither having children or adoption or not having children will ultimately save and fulfill us. One day, the kids grow up, the spouse dies and we find ourselves … single and alone and nothing to show for it.

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