How Young Is “Too Young”???


So the other day I was talking with a buddy of mine who is currently dating a woman 15 years younger than he is… Of course this strokes his ego somewhat, but it also gives way to insecurities he’s ashamed to admit…  Now don’t get me wrong, this guy is physically fit, gainfully employed, own his home, and super intelligent.  He is exactly what many older women describe as the “Perfect Man”, sadly to say, he has no interest in dating women his own age.

So I know you’re thinking “Well if he doesn’t want to date women his own age, why is he insecure???”, and thanks for asking, I think that is an awesome question…  Well let me address the older woman part first…  His experiences with women his age have taught him, as women get older they tend to let themselves go…  Of course their hair is on point, shoes are banging, clothes are eye catching, but once you remove all these things, the shell that houses their soul is far from desirable…  Body Shapers, MAC and Revlon, “Beautiful Face” Filters are all covering up more flaws than Donald Trump is on his Tax Returns…  Of course he’s not expecting perfection, but he is looking to meet a woman who realizes she’s not going to be young forever, therefore she works to preserve her beauty and body…  According to him, “Some older women are like a good old leather chair…  You can tell they’ve been through some @$$es (Men) by all the wear and tear you see from over the years”…

So now on to the younger woman…  It’s funny how the very thing that attracts him to younger women is the very thing that makes him insecure… He’s attracted to younger because they carry less baggage, adventurous, free spirited, and willing to try new things… From what he says, younger (Click HERE to read more)


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