Don’t Change Him, Change YOU!!!


So yesterday I sat in on the “Who The F Are We???” Podcast and I gotta admit, it was one of the best interviews/tapings I’ve had to date… The team was hilarious with a mixture of personalities that meshed almost as good as Mustard Greens and Hot Water Cornbread (Yeah I’m a country boy)….  As I sat there and listened to some of the responses, I can’t help but admit at times I found myself thinking Gregory aka “Keyboard Gangsta” as Paul likes to call him, was a jerk… I mean this brother was brutally honest, confident in his convictions and he didn’t mind letting a woman walk away if she couldn’t get with his program…

So today, I’ve received a few messages about Gregory from some women who have either listened to or watched the video taping of the podcast…  As expected, the ladies were on FIRE (Gregory, I know you’re reading this…  You might want to seek protection)…  Outside of one clocking my boy Paul on his “potential” comment, the others have all zoomed in on the “Keyboard Gangsta” himself…  The comment about “A woman will never meet another man like me” has caused some weaves to come unglued due to the heat coming from the head of these pissed off women…  “Thank God” they screamed, but sadly to say, these same women would lay, date, and possibly marry him if they could…

Gregory was brutally honest, at times didn’t make any humanly sense, but honest…  Some will probably think he was only speaking this way for the show, however sitting in and seeing how he didn’t budge, this brother was serious and I have to respect him for being true to himself..  But there are these women who would date him in efforts to change him…  They would jump on the opportunity to change a “Hoe into a Husband” and a “Gangsta into a Gentleman”.  Changing him would be their gift to the world, but does he need changing??  Or should these women keep stepping???

I respect this brother for being honest…  Maybe I didn’t agree with everything he had to say, but I respect his conviction…  The problem with women is they try and change a man…  Mold him into what they believe he should be…  Ladies, there’s only one person who holds the power to change a man, AND IT’S NOT YOU…  What I know for sure is…  If a woman meets a man who isn’t quite the man she wants him to be, instead of seeking to change him, try changing yourself and walking in a different direction…  People are their happiest when they are free to be themselves, so let him be happy without you…  If you can’t get with the program he’s already set for his life, stick with your own and get to stepping…

Check out the “Who The “F” Are We???” Podcast from yesterday… 

“Is Chivalry Dead???”


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