Be “Different”, “Norm” Is Overrated…


Did you know you’re not supposed to “fit in”???  You’re not normal???  You’re different and supposed to stand out???  The reason many of you are struggling with your life is because you’re trying to fit into a box called “The Norm”.  You’re following trends hoping to be accepted by people who are completely unsure of themselves…. Even before you were born, God never intended for you to “fit in”.  He created you to stand out, to be recognized by your uniqueness and for others to see what you bring to the table is authentic and one of a kind…  At some point in your life you were hoodwinked into believing “different” is a bad thing and ever since, you’ve been on a journey to “fit in” to what is considered “The Norm”…

Being different is somewhat unpopular in the world today…  It’s looked upon as weird, strange, (Click HERE to read more)


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