My Life Was Good Before You…



You were upfront from day one, “I’ve been through some ish in the past”… Shared how you weren’t up for all the games, problems, lies, and the confusion most people have grown accustomed to when it comes to relationships…  You welcomed love, but was willing to live without it…  You welcomed having someone to call “Babe”, but was willing to live without them…  You welcomed dating, but was willing to live chilling at the house on the weekend ALONE… You welcomed a relationship, possibly marriage, but was willing to live single if that’s what it came to…

You were good all by yourself…  Your life was great and you were cool with the way things were going… Friends were happy, family was ecstatic and your Father above, smiled daily on your “coming in’s” and your “going outs”…  You didn’t bother anyone and no one bothered you, but things changed… You ended up in a relationship and from there life took a turn for you…

Every day it seemed like you were explaining your whereabouts, actions and there were even times you had to watch what you said…  Nothing was good enough…  No matter how hard you tried, it was never hard enough…  You did everything you could to bring peace, but no matter what you did, DRAMA was in the air…  At first you couldn’t (Click HERE to read more)


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